Pinetree Hill offers a unique living experience, combining proximity to excellent schools and the vibrant city with a serene and green environment. It provides the perfect balance between convenience, education, and tranquility, allowing residents to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Experience an extraordinary living environment in our new development, where nature reigns supreme. With a remarkable 12% building density and an awe-inspiring 88% devoted to lush landscapes, this project presents a unique opportunity to reside in a serene and verdant oasis.

  • Status BUC
  • Area 22,535,7 sqm
  • Location 32 Pine Grove 598442
  • Type Condo
  • DeveloperUOL
  • Tenure99 years
  • No. of Units520
  • Unit Mix1 - 5 bedrooms
  • No. of Blocks3
  • Price Range $1mil - $4mil

Pinetree Hill Price - Unit Mix




Price From

1 Bedroom + Study




2 Bedroom




2 Bedroom Premium




2 Bedroom Premium + Study




3 Bedroom




3 Bedroom Premium + Study




4 Bedroom Delux (Lift)




4 Bedroom Premium (Lift)




5 Bedroom Premium (Lift)








Pinetree Hill Elevated Landscape

Pinetree Hill Elevated Ground

Elevated Ground

Embrace an elevated living experience where serenity reigns and noise fades away. Our unique development incorporates an innovative elevated ground concept, eliminating roads within the estate. This ensures a peaceful and safe environment with pristine air quality. Each unit is carefully oriented to face either North or South, maximizing natural light and invigorating breezes. Start your day refreshed, surrounded by sunlit interiors that promote a profound sense of well-being.

Pinetree Hill Elevated Building

Elevated Buildings

Embark on a remarkable journey of elevated living with our exquisite units starting from 18m above ground. This exceptional height grants unobstructed views and a refreshing flow of north-south winds, enhancing the Feng Shui and Qi within the estate. Furthermore, positioned at an impressive 18m above ground level, all units enjoy unobstructed panoramas above tree-level. Embrace the natural beauty and seize the potential for heightened wealth and prosperity that this elevated living opportunity brings.

Pinetree Hill Amenities

Immerse yourself in a wealth of amenities and facilities within the condominium premises, 
offering a luxurious and convenient lifestyle.

Surveillance System

Children's play area

24x7 Security

Landscape Garden

Water Feature

Social Corner

Swimming Pool


Pinetree Hill Floorplan & Site Plan

Pinetree Hill Site plan

Pinetree Hill StackTab Content

Pinetree Hill floorplan 1 + S

Pinetree Hill floorplan 2br 65sqmPinetree Hill floorplan 2br premium 71sqm
Pinetree Hill floorplan 2br premium + study 74sqm

Pinetree Hill floorplan 3br 90sqm Pinetree Hill floorplan 3br premium + study 113sqm

Pinetree Hill floorplan 4br Deluxe w Lift 120sqm Pinetree Hill floorplan 4br Premium w Lift 136sqm

Pinetree Hill floorplan 5br Premium w Lift 161sqm

Pinetree Hill floorplan Penthouse 267sqm

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Pinetree Hill - Video Tours

Pinetree Hill Location


32 Pine Grove 598442

Key transport

Schools Nearby

Pinetree Hill Developer Track Records

UOL Group Limited (UOL) is a prominent property and hospitality group listed in Singapore, boasting approximately $22 billion in total assets. With a diverse portfolio of development and investment properties, hotels, and serviced suites across Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America, UOL has established a strong track record over its 60-year history. The company prioritizes product excellence and quality service in all its business ventures, earning recognition through prestigious accolades like the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award, Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence, and President’s Design Award.

URA Masterplan

Transform Holland Plain into a dynamic lifestyle park with skyrise greenery through PUB’s ABC project. The government’s $500 million investment enhances drainage and prevents floods. Discover a prime location amidst Bukit Timah and the Botanic Gardens, spanning 34 hectares for approximately 2,500 new homes.

Exit Strategy

Rising Cost - New Norm

The property market is undergoing significant shifts due to various dynamics. Factors such as rising land prices, construction costs, overheads, interest rates, low inventory, and high demand contribute to continued price growth. However, government intervention and cooling measures will ensure a gradual increase in property prices for stability and affordability.

Pinetree Hill Review

Pinetree Hill Condo, located in a desirable area surrounded by popular schools and nestled within a tranquil forest setting, is undoubtedly a prime investment opportunity. Notably, the project’s lowest unit is positioned 18 meters above the ground, equivalent to approximately six storeys in height. This deliberate elevation allows for a heightened perspective and enhanced privacy.

Furthermore, the developers have made a conscious decision to allocate a substantial 88% of the project’s land space for lush landscapes, greenery, and top-of-the-line facilities. Despite the potential to maximize profits by constructing additional blocks and selling units from the ground floor, the developers have prioritized the perspective of the homeowners, ensuring a more appealing living environment.

One of the key advantages of this project is its excellent exit strategy, allowing substantial future potential value and profitability for homeowners. Given the rising costs of land and construction, future projects are expected to be significantly more expensive, ultimately leading to higher prices for consumers.

Fortunately, in recent years, the property market has remained stable and resilient, thanks to the implementation of cooling measures, responsible buyer behavior, and adaptable government policies. This stability indicates that there is no imminent property bubble in sight. Even in the event of a potential market decline, it is likely to occur gradually, followed by a subsequent rebound. Importantly, the government possesses the capacity to stimulate market demand by considering measures such as the removal or adjustment of cooling measures.

In conclusion, Pinetree Hill Condo is a highly recommended “Good Buy” due to its advantageous location, elevated unit positioning, thoughtful design with ample green spaces, and promising future value. Coupled with the stability and resilience of the property market, this investment opportunity is a compelling choice for prospective buyers.

PropertyWealthSG Rating


How to increase chances of securing a unit? Ensure preparedness prior to the launch so that you can make an informed and timely decision, allowing you to take advantage of early bird discounts and select the most valuable purchase during the launch day.

  1. Determine TDSR eligibility (based on the latest floor rate) to assist in estimating a price range for unit types.
  2. Check loan eligibility.
  3. Schedule an appointment with us and visit a similar showflat to gain a better understanding of what to expect and familiarize yourself with the entire procedure, so that you are well-prepared when the actual showflat is launched.
  4. Once the actual showflat preview is launched, make a visit and create a shortlist of 10-20 units.
  5. On the actual booking day, if the project is oversubscribed, the developer will conduct a ballot procedure. Otherwise, it will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents ready, including a 5% cheque for booking.

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